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The Complete

The calendar shows you all scheduled appointments, confirmed bookings, follow-ups, food tastings, payments due and any booking you may have. You have the flexibility to navigate through multiple years ahead by scrolling through the calendar. Additionally, you can customize your experience by personalizing event types and color-coding tabs.


Event Boss not only facilitates efficient event management but also provides comprehensive control over all your staff, whether they hold managerial positions, work full-time, or engage in casual labour. With Event Boss, you can seamlessly assign them to various events, calculate their salaries, and maintain accurate records of their sick days, holidays, and availability.


Event Boss provides with a comprehensive at a glance overview of your venues, including their availability, capacity, parking information, rental prices, and any seasonal price adjustments. Moreover, Event Boss ensures you are informed about date and time conflicts, preventing any double bookings.


Help manage all aspects of the booking process, from generating the initial proposal to follow-up revisions and manage customer contact information and other required details.

& Proposals

Whilst building your client’s profile and taking down all their requirements, you will enjoy the step by step wizard that helps you capture the client and event information accurately and generate their proposal in seconds, ready for your client’s signature.


Categories and list your suppliers for easy access to place orders directly from Event Boss. The system will generate purchase order numbers and match them with your supplier invoices to make payment and generate statements.


Give yourself every opportunity to convert that inquiry into a sale, by getting timely reminders to follow up an inquiry.


Event Boss provides the tools to help create menus, packages, allergy warnings and serving options. These can all be created using a user-friendly interface ensuring all your clients’ needs are met.

& Orders

Plan, arrange and manage agreements with (third-party) equipment rental companies and assist with the related billing and invoicing requirements.


Event Boss planning wizard walks you through planning an event step by step, making sure that all your client’s requirement and needs for the day are stored safely and generated automatically to an event sheet.


Event Boss lets you schedule food tastings, assign a supervisor and select the dishes based on your client feedback. Booked food tastings will be automatically populate to your diary.


As part of the wedding industry your planning is of the utmost importance you could juggle from spreadsheets to word documents to a number of other software applications to manage the details for each wedding. This could lead to mistakes of all sizes, things could be missed you could be wasting precious time coping and pasting between programs.

& Payments

Event Boss is equipped with book keeping tools that help you monitor your financials and keeps you on top of your invoices and payments.

List Pro

At each stage of the event as and when the time comes to carry out a particular task, Event Boss will provide you with timely reminders, to enable you to carry out your tasks at the precise time.

Logistics &
Loading Lists

Event Boss will auto generate a loading list for an event based on menu, decor and serving options.
The system is clever enough to work out quantities based on the number of guests and tables inputted.

& Proposals

The step by step flow of Event Boss’s information gathering system, will help you get the client and all the event information accurately and instantly generate a proposal ready for your client’s signature.


Event boss is fully customisable, our developers work around the clock to create functionality that helps you work in the exact same way you are accustomed to.

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