How the

idea started ?

Event Boss was conceived after a tragedy that nearly bankrupt a very dear friend of the company, the venue he had spent most of his life building, one day caught fire. This fire also destroyed the only data storage he had, his company computer’s hard drive, with the computer went all the client data all their requirements and most of all the financial commitments of the many events he had booked.

This young man, having gone through hell and back eventually managed to rebuild his business. He commissioned us to build a system for him. We worked hard to understand his business and that of many others companies in the wedding industry and businesses affiliated with the Wedding industry, we designed and built a robust, reliable simple to use and most of all, keeping the data safe, we built EVENT BOSS.


The solution is

the Event Boss system

Event Boss is a comprehensive web-based management system designed and developed specifically for the Wedding industry. Event Boss is designed to simplify the day to day running of any organisation affiliated to the Wedding Industry, be it a venue, a caterer, a venue decorator or most importantly the wedding planner.ite for destination weddings organisers.

Event Boss covers all aspect of your wedding events and its daily requirements, from enquiry stage through to lead management, customer management, proposal, contract, invoicing, payment, purchases, customer feedback and so much more.

Access data

anytime & anywhere

Event Boss is easy to use, accessible anytime and from anywhere using most browser-enabled devices, this gives you access to all your business data at all times and helps you make informed decisions confidently.

All your data is securely saved on our well-protected servers located in the UK.

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Event Boss

the wedding Industry’s favorite

Event Boss was built to serve the various aspects of the wedding industry in mind, like the caterers, the venue owners, the venue decorators and anyone else related to the wedding industry. We have built a management system that is taking the Wedding Industry by a storm.

Event Boss will adapt to your work module and further streamline your work, giving you complete access and control from anywhere in the world, one of the reasons why Event Boss is such a favourite with destination weddings organisers.

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and modification

While we feel we have thought of everything the wedding industry may need to the T, there is a very to small possibility that we may have overlooked a feature or two, more specific to the way you operate your events. Should that be the case, we will build it for you at no extra cost to you provided we feel it will be beneficial to the wedding industry.

Allow us to show you how Event Boss can make running your business and events so much simpler, faster and efficient and enjoyable.

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