The wedding industry is composed of a variety of service establishments that work cooperatively to create a wedding event.

These services may include: wedding invitations, bakeries for the wedding cake, jewelers for wedding rings, event transportation, event photography and/or videography, wedding planning services, formal, male and female wedding attire, wedding locations, venue locations, catering, and the securing of those individuals qualified to preside over wedding ceremonies.



& Traditions

The wedding industry is globally diverse, and there are a variety of cultures and traditions involved in ceremonies within ethnic groups and countries. These traditions are based on both religion and the personal preferences of the parties involved. Most wedding ceremonies in western countries involve the couple reciting or exchanging vows.

Though traditional vows have been customary, in recent years couples often been choosing to create their own vows. In all cases, however there is a given symbol of unity and devotion between both parties, this symbol may be in the form of a rings, flowers, money, or other symbolic offerings as in the Hindu culture it is a neckless. In addition, the master of ceremonies involved in the wedding will usually issue statement proclaiming the parties to be legally married. Celebrations frequently follow the wedding ceremony.



The demand for wedding services is dependent upon the financial affordability of the bride and groom and their families, and their preferences for the wedding ceremony. There are so many different organizations that must coordinate with each other to create the perfect wedding for the couple.

Competition can be pretty steep within the wedding industry, some businesses will offer more than one wedding service in order to generate increased revenue, while others will specialise in just one sector in order to be proficient in providing their service efficient and effective insuring the day runs perfectly for the couple.


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