Damaged and

lost data

It is common knowledge that hard disks do not last forever and as we all know accidents do happen. It is a certainty that at some point or another you will suffer equipment failure in some form or another. Why let these failures result in information loss?

Research shows that corporate and personal data can all too easily be lost, corrupted, stolen or deleted and the outcome can be catastrophic.
IDC and the DTI estimate that 60% of data is still held on PC’s, it also shows 7 out of 10 companies go out of business after a major data loss.
Every year 10% of laptops are stolen and 15% suffer hardware failure of some sort or another.

lost data
cloud storage

Store data in

secure cloud storage

As part of the wedding industry your company gathers and holds data for all your events, your clients and the client’s requirements, the dishes they ordered for the wedding day, venue details, table lay out, supplier details and the orders placed with them, your inventory, the financial information for each and every event and so much more.
The protection of all of this data is your responsibility, you must protect all this data from damage or theft.

It’s good to know that, all your data is stored on a safe, secure and reliable cloud based storage when using Event Boss and still making it available to you whenever and wherever in the world you may decide to work from.

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