We’re so glad you’re here! We are always looking for a better way to make your work life easier with our wedding management and planning features, we’ve got nearly all the tools for you.
Just like you, we at Event Boss have struggled to find a comprehensive solution that would keep us organized, impress our clients and encourage productivity in an online workspace. As an antidote to all that frustration and hard work, Event Boss set out to create that perfect solution for the ever developing and highly sophisticated wedding industry’s needs.

You’ll hear from us often as we take you through everything, we have built for you and continue to build and further develop Event Boss for you. We have made Event Boss pretty simple so that a few days into the trial period, you will be able to work the system and enjoy using it so much you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

We’ll be showing you the planning and business tools, then talk about how easy it is to manage your projects, the importance of putting your business process in front of your clients, and wrapping things up by putting producing a proposal for your client within seconds of taking all the details.
We’ll be in touch soon but if you need help in the meantime, you can always find answers in our Help Center (by clicking on the Support link at the top right hand of the screen).

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