the wedding

An almost desperate client has come to you for help. His offspring is getting married. You know how important it is to be able to build an entire event from selecting a venue, the suitable and available dates, to the preferred food packages and selecting from the succulent dishes on your menu and also making a list of so many other items and services your client may requires, most importantly making sure your calculations are up to the last penny.

This can take hours or even days using the conventional way, meaning taking some details in one software, and then copying and pasting details into numerous others software produce the proposal and the wedding plan. This may have been the only option open to you to come up with a quote. Well it has been up to now.


Fast and

best solution

Let’s face it, an event has its own intricacies, complications precision timings and extreme subtleness at all times. … It is great to know you have Event Boss in your corner.

We all like to have that ‘memorable wedding’ Event Boss Makes it easier to make it just that.


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