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Last year, the Wedding industry is estimated to have been worth a staggering £17 billion. In 2019, this industry is expected to flourish even further.A decade ago who would have imagined the average cost of a wedding would rise to over £45k.

Most of the big names in the industry are already using Event Boss. Allow us show you how Event Boss can make running your business and events so much simpler, faster and efficient.

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Every event brings with it, its own brand of sophistication, magic and delight, weather you are a caterer, decorator, wedding planner or a venue, you have to fulfil your clients every wish, it’s their day and you have to make it possible.

Event Boss was built with the various aspects of the wedding industry in mind, like the caterers, the venue owners, the venue decorators and anyone else related to the wedding industry. We have built a management system that is taking the Wedding Industry by a storm.

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