Save time

& money

As part of the wedding industry your planning is of the utmost importance, you could jump from spreadsheets to word documents to a number of other software applications to manage each wedding event.

This could lead to mistakes, things could be missed you could be wasting precious time coping and pasting between programs trying to.

Clock and money

Keep your data

in a safe place

Event Boss has provided the wedding industry with tools to organise and carry out all its events efficiently, effectively and effortlessly using just one easy to use software, Event Boss. It conveniently, safely and most importantly securely stores all business-critical data making it available to you anywhere in the world you may decide to work from that day.

In addition, Event Boss will enable online interaction between team members, suppliers and clients something that is not always possible with the cheaper versions.

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Thank you for your interest in Event Boss and requesting a Trial. Event Boss is versatile, flexible and, in our view, a complete event management system. It has many features and functionality, and while Event Boss is simple and easy to use, trying out something new can sometimes be pretty daunting.

We would like to offer you a no-obligation demo at a time and day of your convenience. The Demo will only take around 20-30 minutes.